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The Study of the Stars in the place they were in when you were born is your Natal Chart. Your Natal Chart is a snapshot and blueprint for how you are to live in alignment with your life potential this incarnation. The study of your chart is can be totally enlightening experience that can bring you into conscious awareness of what is right for you in every area of your life. Reading your chart can also tell you the challenges, what needs to healed, and your karma.



Peering into the your natal chart will give you deeper self-knowledge, understanding will lead to higher levels of awareness and transcendence of  inconveniences, discomfort, and on-going challenges that may be experienced because of lack of awareness.

For In depth readings I interpret your chart fully in the areas that are most concerning to you and each aspect. It takes me 1-4 weeks depending upon demand and type of chart you choose and you real receive a vocal recording of me interpreting your full chart or full written report.


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Astrology Reports

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