Intention Candles


  • White – Crown Chakra Purity, Angels,
  • Black – Aura Protection, Unbind, Break Spells
  • Purple – Third Eye, Dreams, Visions, Creativity
  • Blue – Throat Chakra, Voice, Communication, Self-Expression
  • Green/Pink – Heart, Love, Bridge of Connection and Intimacy
  • Yellow – Solar Plexus, Inspiration, Will Power, Activity towards goals
  • Orange – Sacral (Pleasure Zone), Sex, Attraction, The sweetness of life
  • Red – Root – Family, Home, Security


All Candles are handmade with Soy Wax and topped with Black Salt for Protection. To be used under adult supervision. Great for Manifestation, Healing, Chanting, Connecting to your Spiritual Guides and Ancestors, and Rituals. Use with Dressing Oil after a Spiritual Bath.

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 8 in
Intention Candles

White, Black, Purple, Blue, Pink/Green, Yellow, Orange, Red

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