Spiritual Bath Tea


All of A Fairy Good Life’s Products have manifested because of Aya’s interaction with 100’s of clients. All herbs are hand picked, prayed over, and brought before the Divine. All the herbs are used in alignment with the attributes of astrological and alchemical properties. For Example the Creativity Bath comes with Neptunian Herbs that assist with creativity and connecting with your dreams. Comes with 9 Spiritual Bath Teas, Instructions on how to take a spiritual Bath. Goes great with the Herbal Soaps, Divine Oils, Dressing Oil, and Fairy Good Intention Candles.



Spiritual Bath Teas have been around since Ancient times with the magic of the herbal kingdom that when combined with the cells of human beings, and the power of passionate intention can open worlds, portals, and assist with protection, creativity, love, prosperity, healing and more. The effects and results are dependent upon not only the herbs but how much of your authentic emotional passion you bring to your process. The more emotions you bring to your bath the greater the results. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding please contact me for a special blend that is safe for mothers. This special blend of herbs for mothers and expecting mothers will be added soon. All herbals blends come with magnesium and black salt blend for relaxing and removal of negative energy.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 8 in
Spiritual Bath Tea

Protection, Cleanse, Unhook, and Unbind, My Fairy Godmother Taught me to Care for Myself, Prosperity, My Ego has gently lifted now I can Focus & Create

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