First Time Spiritual Counseling Session


This comes with a free pre-assessment. Because you may or may not be familiar with soul retrievals, trauma healing, working with Ancestors, or astrology. During the assessment I will explain it all to you and will allow your soul to tell me what you need. You may be attracted to this if you are facing challenges with be energetic debris (blockages). Which if not faced, learned from, and cleared would cause a variety of symptoms from problematic lifestyle manifestations to physical and emotional ailments.This session is for those who will most likely be serious about getting to the root of their issues and are preparing to co-create lifestyle changes that will have an impact for generations to come. After this session the next sessions are shorter and less expensive. This can be paid for using a payment plan. 120 minutes (or more). Comes with an Astrology Session, Reiki, Trauma Healing (Ancestors) and guidance from your Spiritual Team.


Aya is an initiated High Priestess and budding Gurvi equipped to to be your Spiritual Mid-wife. During her 10 year initiation process she has learned many sciences to help you give birth to your True Self. These modalities include trauma healing, astrology, tarot, reiki, reflexology, crystal healing, ancestor healing, and herbal alchemy.

A Spiritual Counseling Session starts with an assessment of your energy. Guidance will be given as to where it would be best to start. Multiple modalities will be used in a session. In this space with you Aya makes sure that you feel balanced and uplifted before you leave back out into the world. The first session is $350 for 120 minutes. Then after that base price is $180 for 60 minutes.

Peace to You!

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