•   Aya is amazing at what she does- I received everything I needed from our session! Thank you for your gift ✨

    Shari J.

      I have been to astrologers. I have received dozens of readings. She's the best. End of story, no comparison, slam dunk, She. Is. The. Best. I am old enough to be skeptical and experienced enough to be jaded. Aya made my knees buckle with the depth of her sensitivity and accuracy of her insights.

    She's that good.

    Edward M.

      Aya was amazing! I chose the astrology reading and knew very little about it. She was wonderful, detailed, and very knowledgeable. Ev-re-thing was accurate and made so much sense! I look forward to doing future sessions with Aya. I have so much more clarity now. Thank you SO SO much. If you’re on the fence, go for it. Highly recommend Aya ☺️

    Mary C.

      She did a really good reading for me and gave me great spiritual insights.

    Thisara A.

      Awesome clarity for what's to come. With her help I will be able to push forward with my healing and I cant wait to see what's on the other side !

    Kim b.

      My reading felt very personal. I had a hard time opening up but she help me with this. Thank you so much. I learned a lot

    Aisha D.

      Aya is a great professional who helped me getting to know more about myself and guided me towards my life goals. She has a sound knowledge of astrology so ask her anything and she can tell you by seeing the possible probabilities of outcome by seeing your chart. Highly recomended !

    Sheh j.

      Aya was a amazing soul to be around. As soon as I arrived, I could feel the energy in the building. Her office is very peaceful, and more than comfortable. The reiki session was everything. I could feel certain areas being released of stagnant energy, and other areas being refilled . Her knowledge on reiki and other forms of healing gave me clarity. I will definitely be returning, and keeping in touch with her. I reccomend her for anyone going through something, and need healing.

    Dwayne K.

      I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Aja! She gave me some sound advice and I actually had several confirmations for myself. Her energy was calm..yet exciting. Aja I look forward to speaking with you again.

    Kee W.

      Excellent experience! Aya is amazing at what she does, very talented astrologer and incredible intuitive skills. I left my session with a much better understanding of my astrological chart and behavior patterns. Aya was very knowledgeable, demonstrating her skills as an astrologer / intuitive in a sensitive and informational way. I highly recommend.

    Evelyn B.

      I loved my astrology chart reading! Thought it had a lot of depth and accuracy. She posed a lot of thoughtful feedback and was able to help analyze some current situations. Would definitely book another session!

    Annie C.

      Aya was amazing. She was just what I needed and has a wonderful spirit. I am thankful and grateful for her gift and I am looking forward to booking another session with her.

    Maryann F.

      Such an eye opening experience. Aya was very thorough and caring during our session. She was able to read my chart with accuracy and understanding, giving me insight to steps I should take on improving certain aspects in my life that have been a burden. Although I don’t know much about astrology she was able to walk me through my chart and explain everything to me with great detail. Would book a session again, HIGHLY recommend her services.

    Jessica P.

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