•   Aja gave me a major piece to my life’s puzzle that I needed to find. I felt I was ready for the insight she gave me and I am forever changed by her. Her gifts are pure and powerful and good. She is a light and great spiritual healer!

    Rod S.

      I really enjoyed my reiki session...over the course of a week I saw major changes in my spirit...my energy was lighter and brighter...she is very personable and knowledgeable. She answers questions and explain things in a way that you will understand what she is telling you. Very down to earth. No judgement and she is here to genuinely assist you to be the best that you can be. She offers so many different areas to assist you on your journey while striving to accomplish the desires of your heart. Very pleased, I will continue to stay in touch.

    Dr. Yalanda G.

      I thought the information was valuable and it was a nice reading. Generally speaking I think this is obviously meant more as a guide rather than the end all be all in terms of answers which is what I wanted it to be. Some things surprised me and others didn’t. Overall it’s a good value for the price.

    Lindsey O.

      I really appreciate the device that was provided. I gained a lot of insight about my life and I was able to release a lot trauma and go deep into my healing process! Thank you so much

    Britney B.

      Aja was amazing! This was my first time having an astrology reading and she made me feel very comfortable. I felt like I was talking to a close friend. I would highly recommend her services.

    Cecilia R.

      We had a very good session. Definitely seeing her regularly. She is truly gifted and a beautiful person.

    Najee c.

      Awesome clarity for what's to come. With her help I will be able to push forward with my healing and I cant wait to see what's on the other side !

    Kim b.

      I had a wonderful experience with Aya. She read my birth chart and performed reiki that was profoundly healing for me. She immediately made me feel comfortable when we spoke during our consultation and read my energy accurately immediately. I highly recommend her!

    Virginia B.

      I loved my astrology chart reading! Thought it had a lot of depth and accuracy. She posed a lot of thoughtful feedback and was able to help analyze some current situations. Would definitely book another session!

    Annie C.

      I enjoyed my session, she took her time and got down to the root of the problem. Will be returning.

    Kenyata W.

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